LogiqPay Dynamic

Dynamic invoice financing is a service integrated with your existing financial system.

  • Directly in your billing system
  • In the invoice flow

Who is the service suitable for?

LogiqPay Dynamic invoice financing is a service for those companies who want a predictable liquidity by selling their invoices. You can sell invoices right from your financial system, or set parameters that regulate which invoices are to be financed.

Example: Your company needs a cash flow of 500,000 per month. You can then e.g. choose to only sell invoices for a credit period longer than 30 days, but where your credit rating is AAA. After you have determined these parameters, you agree with BankID and the invoices will be financed.

Benefits with the service

The service provides you with customer predictability, transparency and insight into which invoices are financed. You can access the service at any time and customize the agreement, add or remove invoices you want to fund.

There are no fixed costs, or binding associated with the financing agreement.

Which systems are supported?

LogiqPay currently offers financing for most well-known financial and ERP systems in the market. We are now working to directly integrate LogiqPay into several financial and ERP systems.

 Maybe you are already distributing your invoices today via Logiq?

Contact us to hear if your finance system is among the systems we already support

Ronja Fällström
Head of Customer Support
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