About LogiqPay


  • A tailor-made solution to finance your accounts receivables through one of the most flexible services for invoice financing on the market
  • Cash flow available anytime
  • No cumbersome implementation, establishment or annual fees – available for you – always
  • Set your finance settings according to your requirements, sign electronically, and leave the rest to us
  • A part of the Logiq group with 65 employees and a SEK 100 million turnover
  • Offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Halden



2011- LogiqPay was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and marketed under the name of Fakturabörsen. The purpose of the company was to make invoice financing more transparent, flexible, and effective than existing factoring services available.
2013 – Investment company Schibsted Tillväxtmedier AB invested and later became the majority owner

2016 – the founder bought back the company and renamed it Relenda AB

2017 – the company was accquired by Logiq Financial Services and changed name to LogiqPay. Logiq Financial Services AS resides within the Logiq Group, also including Logiq AS, Logiq Sweden AB and Logiq Pay AB.
2018 – after having financed over SEK 2 billion through the Single Invoice Financing service, the company launch a new service, Dynamic Financing. A service that allows empowering companies to control the amount, price, and conditions, is directly connected to the customers flow of invoices or ERP, providing the customers the most flexible financing and peace-of-mind.



LogiqPay consists of a group of dedicated people all backing the same vision: to develop the and offer the best service for invoice financing market. Read more about us on the LogiqPay team.



LogiqPay offer companies services for invoice financing to give our customers a taylor made solution to fit their capital needs. Our services has no establishing or annual fee. There is no strings attached concerning if or how often our customers use our services.  This flexible and easy financing service is empowered by an on-the-fly credit decision, and give your company the flexibility you deserve.

Single invoice financing – a service that allows companies to finance single invoices. You upload the invoices you want to finance, we contact the invoice receiver, put the invoice on an auction, and sell your invoice through our market place. The money will be on your account within 24 hours.

Dynamic invoice financing – a completely new way to finance invoices, that allows you to just sell the invoices that gives you the best return. This flexible and easy financing service is empowered by an on-the-fly credit decision, and give your company the flexibility you deserve. We integrate LogiqPay with your flow of invoices from your ERP, and then it is up to you to set the period for financing, the amount, and other settings that enables you to tailor your invoices based on your needs. When the invoice is paid, the amount is paid to you within 24 hours.