What are my options when I want to sell an invoice?

What are my options when I want to sell an invoice?

Posted on 26.08.2019, 13:37

There are many players in the Swedish and Norwegian markets today that will buy your invoice.

You may sell a single invoice, as a subscription, or all of them depending on your individual needs. Usually the funds will be refunded to your business account within 24 hours, you are relieved of all administrative tasks, and, depending on the agreement, the credit risk as well.


This, of course, comes at a price, and all companies have different terms. Whatall playershave in common is that they charge a % of the total sum, of the invoice. The % can however vary a lot, and players may leave you with 96-99% of the invoice total. Some also charge a startup fee, and/or monthly or yearly fees, while some don’t charge anything at all – except the % of the invoice total. To avoid any unpleasant hidden costs, we recommend you to closely examine the terms of the agreement.


  • To sell the invoice with guaranty

Many upstarting businesses that are not able to produce a yearly balance sheet often need to guarantee the sales of their invoices. This simply means that if the client defaults on payment, you will be personally responsible for payment of the total invoice amount.

  • To sell the invoice with recourse

To sell your invoice with recourse means that you sell your invoice and the agreed sum is accredited to your account within 24 hours. If your client defaults on payment due to insolvency, your business guarantees the risk, and cover the costs for the playerthat bought the invoice.

  • To sell the invoice without recourse

To sell the invoice without recourse is rather straight forward if you have read this far. You sell the invoice, and the agreed sum is accredited to your business account. In case the client defaults on payment your company is not liable to pay the invoice total to the factoring player.


Many that wish to sell their invoices, probably consider the third option to be the best one, however I’m not sure I agree. No player will buy your invoices if the risk is too high, which means that you may find yourself without anyone to fund them. To sell an invoice with recourse is not at all to your disadvantage, and it shows that there is a high level of trust between you and your clients.

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